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Hope College Department of Mathematics

Welcome to the Hope College Department of Mathematics! As a department, we seek to provide an environment in which students can become mathematical problem solvers who are equipped to pursue challenging careers in teaching, research, and industry. Our faculty members are active in many areas of mathematical research and curriculum development, and the department embraces and sustains a culture in which students regularly collaborate with faculty members in research.

Mission Statement
The Hope College Department of Mathematics offers a program of study, including both mathematical content and skills of learning, designed to

  • equip mathematics majors for careers or graduate study,
  • assist students in other disciplines in developing required mathematical proficiency, and
  • enable all liberal arts students to build an understanding of mathematical thought and problem solving.

2016 Lower Michigan Mathematics Competition

Hope College is excited to host the 40th Lower Michigan Mathematics Competition on Saturday, April 9, 2016. For more information and registration instructions, please see our LMMC registration form.

Sample Schedule Plans for Mathematics Students