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Pre-Actuary Preparation

Hope college offers a sequence of courses designed for pre-actuary preparation.

The following courses are strongly recommended for students intending to become actuaries:

  • Math 361: Probability
  • Econ 211/212: Macro- and Micro-economics
  • Mgmt 371: Corporate Finance
  • Econ 306: Econometrics
The last three courses listed above also satisfy the Society of Actuaries "Validation by Educational Experiences" certification.

The following courses are also recommended:
  • Math 311/312: Statistics
  • Math 231/232: Multivariable Calculus

Here is a brochure about our program.

For more details on the actuarial profession (a profession consistently rated as one of the best), visit

For more details on the Hope program, please contact Professor Cinzori.