Game Description: Pebbling is a game played on a graph. In a pebbling step, two pebbles can be removed from one vertex, and one of them is replaced on an adjacent vertex. This program can be used to create interesting pebbling configurations on graphs. One such a problem is related to so called non-greedy pebbling described below.

Pebbling Challenge:
The graph on the picture has a non-greedy configuration: to get to the root vertex (R) you need to move away from it first. This configuration uses 8 pebbles and the pebbling number of the graph is 9. Can you find a graph with non-greedy configuration that has as many pebbles as its pebbling number?

More info on pebbling can also be found at

Pebbling Applet Description:In this program, you can create a graph, place pebbles on the vertices, and make pebbling moves.

New version of the pebbling applet is available at

Previous versions:

There are two versions of the program:

Basic Version
Full Version


In the full version there is a special dropdown menu available at the top of the screen that allows you to save and load the graph.

Save - This will save your graph and pebbling configuration
Save graph only - This will save your blank graph
Load - This will load any graph you have saved

The full version requires you to accept a security certificate; this is so the java applet has the ability to read/write files on your computer. The source code is available on the main page if you wish to inspect exactly what this program is doing. If you do not feel safe running the Full Version, there is a Basic Version that removes the ability to Save and Load graphs.

Note: Both versions of the applet require Java 1.4.2_08 or higher. Free download and more details you can find at their website.

SOURCE: All source files can be freely distributed and modified under GNU General Public License. In order to access files you need WinZip or any other compatible compression utility.

If you have any questions this guide has not addressed, suggestions for this program, or have found bugs in the program, send an email to Airat Bekmetjev at