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Research and Publications

My recent research interests are in the area of random methods in combinatorics, probability and statistics.


1. The influence of fines on the behavior of two-sector model of, Moscow State University Press, 1995 [ps][pdf]

2. Thresholds for families of multisets, with an application to graph pebbling (with G. Hurlbert, G. Brightwell and A. Czygrinow), Discrete Math. 269 (2003), no.1-3, pp. 21-34.[ps][pdf]

3. The pebbling threshold of the square of cliques (with G. Hurlbert), submitted.[ps][pdf]

4. Do dogs know calculus? A statistical investigation (with T. Pennings and T. Swanson), STATS, 41 (2004), pp. 10-13. [pdf]

Undergraduate Research

This summer I am going to do the project on pebbling.