Off on a Tangent
A Fortnightly Electronic Newsletter from the Hope College Department of Mathematics
 March 29, 2018 Vol. 16, No. 12

Colloquium: Mathematics and 3D Printing

Title: Mathematics Meets 3D Printing
Speaker: Prof. Edward Aboufadel, Grand Valley State University
Time: Tuesday, April 3 at 4:00 pm
Place:  VanderWerf 102
Inexpensive 3D printing has been available this decade, which leads to the question:  What can a mathematician do with a 3D printer?  There are many possibilities, and this talk will explore a few briefly before focusing on the design of the three-dimensional associahedron described in Eugenia Cheng's book.  Mathematical topics that are utilized in the design include geometry, graph theory, and category theory.

Upcoming Colloquia

The  following colloquia are on the schedule for this semester.
  • Tuesday, April 17, Yew Meng Koh, Hope College
  • Thursday, April 26, Martha Precup, Northwestern University

Pi Mu Epsilon Induction

Twenty people were recently inducted into the Michigan Delta chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon.  Founded on in 1914 at Syracuse University, Pi Mu Epsilon currently has over 350 chapters at colleges and universities throughout the United States.  Hope College has had a chapter since 1974, the fourth in Michigan.

The purpose of the society is to promote scholarly activity in mathematics among the students in academic institutions.  Students were invited to join based on their GPA in their mathematics courses as well as their overall GPA.  The induction ceremony was held on March 14 at 6:28 p.m. (pi day at two pi o'clock).  After the short ceremony everyone enjoyed our tradition of eating pie.

The students inducted this year are:  Morgan Dalman, Natalie Deering, Joshua Fink,      Jason Gombas, Amie Hixon, Erik Johnsen, Karthik Karyamapudi, Philip LaPorte, Seth McCall, Benjamin MacDonald, Theaphania Patterson, Cole Persch, John Peterson, Shay Pinhey, Cedric Porter, Mark Powers, Zheng Qu, Alyssa VanZanten, David Wang, and Yizhe Zhang

Pi Day

Here are a couple more Pi Day pictures---one of a couple of Pi Mu Epsilon inductees showing off two of the many pies that were consumed after the ceremony.

The other shows some Pi Day graffiti that was found on the chalkboard in the back of VanderWerf 238 on March 14. Cool! 

Problem Solvers of the Fortnight

In our last problem of the fortnight we had the following:

A teacher chose a 5 digit number and asked her ten students to try to guess the number she chose. Nobody succeeded, but each student did get one, and only one, of the five digits correct in the right position. The student guesses were 

06432, 29751, 94700, 38977, 87036, 43069, 76330, 52025, 61825, 18641

What is the teacher's number?.

Congratulations to the following who correctly determined the teacher's number: Grace Ahlgrim, Josiah Brouwer, Gregory Cahill, Annie Dankovich, Camille Fogg, Christian Forester, Hunter Giewswin, Timothy Hwang, Philip LaPorte, Andrew Nguyen, Megan , O'Donnell, Cole Persch, Zheng Qu, Karen Quay, and Yizhe Zhang

Problem of the Fortnight

To decorate my scrapbook, I cut a 4-inch wide parallelogram out of a square piece of  paper as shown in the diagram on the left.  Surprisingly enough, the parallelogram and each of the two leftover pieces of paper all had exactly the same area!  What are the exact dimensions of the original square?

Write your solution (showing all relevant work) and drop it in the Problem of the Fortnight slot outside Professor Mark Pearson's office (VWF 212) by 3:00 p.m. on Friday, April 6.  As always, be sure to include your name and the name(s) of your math professor(s) -- e.g.
Drew A. Blank, Dr. Jean Poole  --- on your solution.

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