Name: Aggressive Bird Data


Abstract: This dataset looks at what kind of models Eastern Bluebirds would attack when a model was put into the Bluebird’s nests.  The treatments or models that were put in the nest was a thumbtack (control), Eastern Bluebird (once in a great while hurt other Bluebird’s eggs), and House Wrens (occasionally hurt Bluebird’s eggs).  In 2008, the different nests were observed for 15 minutes looking at the different levels of attack.  The lowest level of attack for a Bluebird was hovering over the nest when the model was in the nest.  The medium level of attack was swooping, diving, or bombing.  The highest level of attack was pecking because there was physical contact.


Variables (column):

  1. Box Number (of the nest)
  2. Treatment (1=Thumbtack, 2=Eastern Bluebird, 3=House Wren)
  3. Gender (0=Female, 1=Male)
  4. Hover (number of times)
  5. Swoop Dive Bomb (number of times)
  6. Peck Physical Attack (number of times)


Possible Uses: ANOVA


References: Student Brian Puls, Professor Winnet-Murray