Name: Aggressive Bluebirds


Abstract: The researchers tested the aggression of Easter Bluebirds when putting a model of an intruder bird on the bluebirds’ nesting boxes.  A model of a House Wren, a known intruder and enemy of the bluebird, was secured to the bluebirds’ nesting box, and the behavior of the bluebird was recorded.  The control group had nothing but a white tack on the nesting box.  The researchers tested the effects of the treatment, gender of the bird, and stage of the nest on three aggressive behaviors: pecking, hovering, and diving.


Variables (column):

  1. Gender (0=Female, 1=Male)
  2. Treatment (0=Control (tack), 1=House Wren Model)
  3. Nesting box number
  4. Number of pecks at the tack of House Wren Model
  5. Number of hovers around the tack of House Wren Model
  6. Number of dives at the tack of House Wren Model
  7. Nest Stage (0=Eggs, 1=Chicks)


Possible Uses: ANOVA, Independent Sample T Test, Correlation, Multiple Regression


References: “Aggressive Behavioral Response of Easter Bluebirds (Sialia sialis) to Intruder Models: Testing Hypotheses on the Consequences of Competitive Interactions.”  Jacquelyn Randolet, Anna Brownson, Joanna Gundersen, Emily McConnelly, India Peek-Jenson, Brian Puls, Chelsea Schrotenboer, Professor Kathy Winnett-Murray, Professor Greg Fraley.  Hope College, 2008.