Name: Animal Sleep Data


Abstract: This dataset looks at 62 animals.  The data describes their sleep habits, size, and other attributes of mammals.


Variables (column):

  1. Species
  2. Body Weight (kg)
  3. Brain Weight (grams)
  4. Non Dreaming Sleep (hours)
  5. Dreaming Sleep (hours)
  6. Total Sleep (hours)
  7. Maximum Life Span (years)
  8. Gestation Time (days)
  9. Predation Index (1=Least Likely, 2=Not Likely, 3=Neutral, 4=Likely, 5=Most Likely)
  10. Sleep Exposure (1=Highly Unexposed, 2=Unexposed, 3=Neutral, 4=Exposed, 5=Highly Exposed)
  11. Dangerous (1=Least Dangerous, 2=Not Dangerous, 3=Neutral, 4=Dangerous, 5=Most Dangerous)

Possible Uses: Correlation, Multiple Regression