Name: Attendance Data


Abstract: This study looked at if class attendance has a relationship with variables such as class size, course level, and course content.  Data was collected from a random sample of 57 Hope College Spring 2008 courses. 


Variable (column):

  1. Title (of class)
  2. Subject (abbreviated)
  3. Instructor (name)
  4. Day Attendance Taken (1=Monday, 2=Tuesday, 3=Wednesday, 4=Thursday, 5=Friday)
  5. Level of Class
  6. Gen Ed (0=No, 1=Yes)
  7. Length of class (minutes)
  8. Attendance Policy (0=No Attendance Policy, 1=Attendance Policy)
  9. Size of class
  10. Number of Females
  11. Class Attendance
  12. Attendance Proportion (Class Attendance/Size)
  13. Female Proportion (Number of Females/Size)


Possible Uses: ANOVA


References: Stats 312, Spring of 2008