Name: Ball Bouncing Data


Abstract: This data is an experiment testing how well different balls bounced. To do this they took six different kinds of balls Koosh ball, waffle ball, tennis ball, racquetball, basketball, and exercise ball. They brought these balls to a racquetball court room and marked a wall with tape at each foot in height. A member of the group dropped the ball from the same place on the second floor (16 feet up) while the other group members then observed how high each ball bounced. They did 10 trials of each ball.


Variables (column):

  1. Type of Ball (1=Koosh, 2=Wiffle, 3=Tennis, 4=Basketball, 5=Racquetball, 6=Exercise Ball)
  2. Trial Number (Out of 10)
  3. Height (Feet)


Possible Uses: ANOVA, Tucky


References: Stats 310, Spring of 2007.