Name: Bird Trips and Sitting Time Data


Abstract: In 2008, Eastern Bluebirds were observed.  The observers looked at the number of trips to the nest the birds made by gender and the number of minutes the birds sat on the nest. 


Variables (column):

  1. Data (Jun 17-July 11, 2008)
  2. Box Number (of the nest)
  3. Age of Chick (days)
  4. Total Trips (of male and female birds)
  5. Total Minutes (watched)
  6. Total Trips Per Minute (%)
  7. Trips of Female (number of)
  8. Female Trips Per Minute (%)
  9. Trips of Male (number of)
  10. Male Trips Per Minute (%)
  11. Minutes on Nest (bird sitting/brooding)
  12. Minutes on Nest Per Total Minutes (%)


Possible Uses: Correlation


References: Student Peek Jenson, Professor Winnet-Murray