Name: Box Office


Abstract: This study focuses on the factors that contribute to a high-grossing movie and discerns the different factors that affect initial weekend domestic gross and the total domestic gross during the lifetime of a movie.  They obtained a list of the top 250 grossing movies of each year from 2003 to 2007 and used a random sample generator online to select a random sample of 297 total movies from those lists.


Variables (column):

  1. Title
  2. Genre (1=Action/Adventure, 2=Comedy, 3=Drama, 4=Horror/Thriller, 5=Foreign, 6=Family)
  3. MPAA rating (1=G, 2=PG, 3=PG-13, 4=R, 5= Unrated, 6=NC-17)
  4. Production Studio (1=Sony/Columbia, 2=Buena Vista, 3=Fox, 4=Warner Bros, 5=Universal, 6=Second Tier, 7=Other)
  5. Production budget in millions of dollars
  6. Month Released
  7. Number of theatres initially released to
  8. Total theatres released to
  9. rating
  10. Initial Weekend Gross $
  11. Total Gross $
  12. Rank of MPAA Rating


Possible Uses:  Multiple Regression, Correlation


References: Stats 312 Project, Spring 2008