Name: Clintonís Impeachment Data


Abstract: This dataset is the United States Senate votes in the impeachment trial of President Clinton.


Variables (column):

  1. Name (of Senator)
  2. Perjury (0=Not Guilty, 1=Guilty)
  3. Obstruct (0=Not Guilty, 1=Guilty)
  4. Total Number Guilty (Perjury + Obstruct)
  5. Party (0=Democrat, 1=Republican)
  6. Rating (by American Conservative Union)
  7. Percent of Votes (home state votes for Clinton in 1996)
  8. Term Ends (year for Senatorsí)
  9. Rookie-Senatorís first year (0=No, 1=Yes)


Possible Uses: ANOVA, Correlation


References: Prof. Alan Reifman, Texas Tech. Univ.; Journal of Statistics Education.