Name: Coke vs. Pepsi Data


Abstract: This study wanted to test if people could tell a difference in taste between Coke and Pepsi looking at six variables.  Setting up a table outside of Phelps Dinning Hall, participants were given a drink sample of each product from unmarked Dixie cups.  The participants were asked what cup they thought contained each product.


Variable (column):

  1. Gender (0=Male, 1=Female)
  2. Age (years)
  3. Average Sodas per Week
  4. Claims to Prefer (1=Coke, 2=Pepsi, 3=No Preference)
  5. Actually Prefer (1=Coke, 2=Pepsi, 3=No Preference)
  6. Answer (0=No, 1=Yes)


Possible Uses: Binary Logistic Regression


References: Stats 312, Spring of 2008