Name: Cooking Red Baron Pizzas


Abstract: The goal of this experiment was to optimize the cooking conditions as well as cooking time for a Red Baron Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza.  For experimentation, twelve different treatments were applied which included three different cooking times, two different temperatures, and the use of a cooking pan or no pan.  Post treatment pizzas were rated on quality scale.


Variables (column):

  1. CookingTime (12, 15, 18 minutes)
  2. Pan (0=No Pan, 1=Pan)
  3. CookingTemp (375, 425 degrees)
  4. Quality (1=still frozen/uncooked, 2=partially cooked/ cold middle, 3=perfectly cooked, 4=well cooked/slightly burned edges, 5=burnt to a crisp)


Possible Uses:  Multiple Regression, ANOVA


References: Stats 312 Project, Spring 2009