Name: Galileo’s Gravity Data

Abstract: Over 400 years ago, Galileo conducted a series of experiments on the paths of projectiles, attempting to find a mathematical description of falling bodies. Two of his experiments are the basis of this dataset.

The experiments consisted of rolling a ball down a grooved ramp that was placed at a fixed height above the floor and inclined at a fixed angle to the horizontal. In one experiment the ball left the end of the ramp and descended to the floor. In a related experiment a horizontal shelf was placed at the end of the ramp, and the ball would travel along this shelf before descending to the floor. In each experiment Galileo altered the release height of the ball (h) and measured the distance (d) the ball travelled before landing. The units of measurement were called 'punti'.

Variables (column):

  1. Type (0=Ramp Only, 1=Ramp and Shelf)
  2. Distance (horizontal distance traveled)
  3. Height (release height)


Possible Uses: ANOVA