Dataset. Hatchbacks2009

Summary. When researching a recent used car purchase, data was collected on three types of used cars the Pontiac Vibe, the Toyota Matrix, and the Volkswagon Rabbit. Data was collected for all late model used cars advertised on-line and for sale in a 200 mile radius of Holland, MI . (The resulting data comes from the states Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.)


1.       Model (Pontiac Vibe, Toyota Matrix, or Volkswagon Rabbit)

2.       Year (2007, 2008, or 2009)

3.       price in dollars

4.       mileage

5.       exterior color

6.       interior color

7.       doors (2 or 4)

8.       engine type

9.       transmission (automatic or manual)

10.   gears (4, 5 or 6)

11.   drive (all wheel drive or front wheel drive)

12.   anti-lock brakes (yes or no)

13.   traction control (yes or no)

14.   electronic stability control (yes or no)

15.   cruise control (yes or no)

16.   sun roof (yes or no)

17.   luggage rack (yes or no)

18.   leather seats (yes or no)

19.   MP3 player (yes or no)

20.   state (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, or Wisconsin)