Name: Holland Youth Survey Data


Abstract: This dataset contains results from a survey given to 904 students in 2005.  The students were 6th-8th graders from both middle schools in Holland, MI.  The survey was designed to find out what it is like to be youth in 2005.  The survey was interested in a variety of issues, including family, relationships, friends, school, and activities.  The survey was designed to figure out ways to help young people and families deal with the challenges they experience.


Variables (column):

  • See the PASW “Variable View” for a complete list of values and labels.
  • See “Questionnaire (with coding)” which was the survey given to the students.  This includes the codes for PASW.
  • See “SAFE C Scoring” for explanation of cells 409-413.
  • See “Explanation of Measures included in the Survey” which explains the Sections A-E.


Possible Uses: Most tests and graphs


References: Professor Lorna Jarvis