Name: ICU Data


Abstract: This dataset is a sample of 200 patients from a larger study done on the survival of patients in an adult intensive care unit (ICU). Besides recording whether or not the patient survived, the study gives information about 19 other possible explanatory variables.


Variables (column):

  1. ID Number (of patient)
  2. Survival Status (0=Lived, 1=Died)
  3. Age (years)
  4. Gender (0=Female, 1=Male)
  5. Race (1=White, 2=Black, 3=Other)
  6. Service at ICU admission (0=Medical, 1=Surgical)
  7. Is cancer part of the present problem? (0=No, 1=Yes)
  8. History of chronic renal failure? (0=No, 1=Yes)
  9. Infection probable at ICU admission (0=No, 1=Yes)
  10. CPR prior to ICU admission (0=No, 1=Yes)
  11. Systolic blood pressure at ICU admission (in mm Hg)
  12. Heart rate at ICU admission (beats/min)
  13. Previous admission to an ICU within 6 months (0=No, 1=Yes)
  14. Type of admission (0=Elective, 1=Emergency)
  15. Long bone, multiple, neck, single area, or hip fracture (0=No, 1=Yes)
  16. PO2 from initial blood gases (0=>60, 1=<60)
  17. PH from initial blood gases (0=>7.25, 1=<7.25)
  18. PCO2 from initial blood gases (0=<45, 1=>45)
  19. Bicarbonate from initial blood gases (0=>18, 1=<18)
  20. Creatinine from initial blood gases (0=<2.0, 1=>2.0)
  21. Level of consciousness at admission (1=No Coma or Stupor, 2=Deep Stupor, 3=Coma)


Possible Uses: Binary Logistic regression