Name: Majors in Spanish Data


Abstract: This dataset examined the percentage of students who majored or minored in Spanish, having begun studying Spanish in SPAN 121 or 122 (first or second semester Spanish courses).The Spanish Department was considering revamping the first year sequence, but wanted to know the number of students who actually began at that level and continued on in Spanish.


Variables (column):

  1. Gradation Term (student graduated in)
  2. Major 1
  3. Major 2 (not everyone will double major)
  4. Minor (not everyone will minor)
  5. Course (1=121 Course, 2=122 Course)
  6. Grade (1=Exempt-student did not take the course but received credit because they took a higher level course, A+=2, A=3, A-=4, B+=5, B=6, B-=7, C+=8, C=9, C-=10)
  7. Semester Term (student took the course)
  8. Primary-identifies duplicate IDís since most received credit for both 121/122 (0=Duplicate Case, 1=Primary Case)


Possible Uses: Correlation


References: Professor Daniel Woolsey