Name: Model Car


Abstract: It is widely believed (among one-tenth scale electric remote-control model-car racing enthusiasts) that spending more money on high-quality batteries and gold-plate connectors and storing batteries at low temperature will improve battery-life performance.  An experiment was conducted that used these three factors to determine the battery life as measured by the time to discharge (in minutes).


Variables (column):

  1. Battery quality (0=Low, 1=High)
  2. Connector Design (0=Standard, 1=Gold-Plated)
  3. Temperature (0=Ambient, 1=Cold)
  4. Time to discharge (minutes)


Possible Uses: Multiple Regression, Independent Sample T Test


References: Levine, David, Patricia Ramsey, and Robert Smidt.  Applied Statistics for Engineers and Scientists.  Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall 2001.