Name: New Car Data


Abstract: This data is a sample including observations of 93 new car models from 1993. Observations included 26 different variables on each of these cars and this dataset originally got its information from Consumers’ Reports and PACE New Car & Truck 1993 Buying Guide.


Variables (column):

  1. Manufacturer
  2. Model
  3. Type (1=Small, 2=Sporty, 3=Compact, 4=Midsize, 5=Large, 6=Van)
  4. Minimum Price (in $1,000) - Price for basic version of this model
  5. Midrange Price (in $1,000) - Average of Min and Max prices
  6. Maximum Price (in $1,000) - Price for a premium version
  7. City  MPG (Miles Per Gallon by EPA Rating)
  8. Highway  MPG
  9. Air Bags Standard (1=None, 2=Driver Only, 3=Driver and Passenger)
  10. Drive Train Type (1=Rear Wheel Drive, 2=Font Wheel Drive, 3=All Wheel Drive)
  11. Number of Cylinders
  12. Engine Size (Liters)
  13. Horsepower (Maximum)
  14. RPM (Revs Per Minute at Maximum Horsepower)
  15. Engine Revolutions Per Mile (in highest gear)
  16. Manual Transmission Available (0=No, 1=Yes)
  17. Fuel Tank Capacity (Gallons)
  18. Passenger Capacity (Persons)
  19. Length (Inches)
  20. Wheelbase (Inches)
  21. Width (Inches)
  22. U-Turn Space (Feet)
  23. Rear Seat Room (Inches)
  24. Luggage Capacity (Cu. Ft.)
  25. Weight (Pounds)
  26. Domestic (0=Non-U.S. Manufacturer, 1=U.S. Manufacturer)



Possible Uses: Box Plot, ANOVA, Scatterplot, Regression/Correlation