Name: Online Placement Data 2



This dataset looked at assessing the utility of an online placement exam to place incoming students at Hope College in a particular level for Spanish courses (1-5).  This exam was given online to some students at the end of the semester in the Fall of 2007 and Spring of 2008 who took Spanish courses (1-5). 

Examining the progress students made in Spanish IV (fourth-semester) by doing the exam during the first and last weeks of the semester. This exam is strictly a grammar and reading exam, and Spanish IV was not focusing on grammar; in fact, the format of the exam would have been very foreign to the types of exams that students did in Spanish IV. The focus of Spanish IV is Hispanic culture, history and literature, with about an 80/20 format of content to grammar instruction. The idea here was to see if Spanish IV students were (a) improving on strictly grammar scores during the course, a measure that was important to my colleagues, and (b) to see how Spanish IV students were comparing with students finishing up other semester courses.

NOTE: Students taking the pre and post test in Spanish IV were given different readings to do on the reading comprehension section: evens or odds. Students in other levels read the first several readings on the exam.


Variables (column):

  1. Level (1-5)

Note: 4.1 is pre-test and 4.2 is post-test for Spanish IV, 4.3 is a pre-test and 4.4 is a post-test from a different cohort

  1. Year (0=Fall of 2007, 1=Spring of 2008)
  2. Post-Test Part 1 (out of 43)-score only for grammar items
  3. Post-Test Part 2 (out of 60)-score only for reading comprehension: normally strong for Spanish IV students


Possible Uses: Correlation

References: Professor Daniel Woolsey