Name: Penicillin Data


Abstract: This dataset looked at five batches of penicillin.  Each batch of penicillin was divided into four sections in which each treatment was given a section of the penicillin.  The treatment was supposed to increase the production of penicillin.  After the treatment, the yield of penicillin was measured (mL/L). 


Variables (column):

  1. Batch (1-5)
  2. Treatment 1 (yield in mL/L)
  3. Treatment 2 (yield in mL/L)
  4. Treatment 3 (yield in mL/L)
  5. Treatment 4 (yield in mL/L)


Possible Uses: Matched Pair, Blocking


References: E. P. Box, W. G. Hunter, and J. S. Hunter, Statistics for Experimenters: An Introduction to Design, Analysis, and Model Building (New York: Wiley, 1978), p. 209.