Name: Relationships and Athletes Data


Abstract: This study looked at the different aspects, specifically relationship status and GPA, between the lives of varsity athletes and non-varsity athletes at Hope College in order to see if and how they are affected.  This study received data by emailing 422 Hope students (half athletes and half non-athletes).  The response was 219 Hope College students.


Variables (column):

  1. Gender (0=Female, 1=Male)
  2. Athlete (0=Non-Athlete, 1=Athlete)
  3. Relationship Status (0=No, 1=Yes)
  4. Relationship With Athlete (0=No, 1=Yes)
  5. GPA


Possible Uses: Contingency Tables, 1-Proportion Z-Test, 2-Sample T-Test


References: Stats 311, Spring of 2008