Name: Rope Strength Data


Abstract: This experiment investigates the effects of environmental factors on the durability and functional load capacity of rope specimens.  A total of 48 rope specimens of varying diameters and materials were divided into treatment groups. There were a total of four such groups. The first was a control group; the remaining three groups received one treatment each, including a heat treatment, a freeze/thaw treatment, and a saltwater soak treatment. Tensile testing was then conducted on each specimen, and the failure load was recorded.



Variables (column):

  1. Rope Type (0=Sisal, 1=Nylon)
  2. Diameter Rope (1/4 or 1/8 inch)
  3. Treatment (1=Salt Treatment, 2=Heat Treatment, 3=Freeze Treatment, 4=Control)
  4. Failure Load (pounds of the load attached to the rope when it broke)


Possible Uses: Multiple Regression


References: Stats 312, Spring of 2009