Name: School Enrollment


Abstract: This experiment was conducted by a group in a Stats 310 class in the spring of 2007. They used information from the Census Bureau to analyze the effects of gender, race, age, and poverty level on enrollment in school (high school, college, or university).


Variables (column):

  1. Gender (0=Female, 1=Male)
  2. Race (0=White, 1=Black)
  3. Age (1=16-17, 2=18-21, 3=22-24)
  4. Poverty (Under the poverty threshold for 2005, 0=No, 1=Yes)
  5. Enrollment (Enrolled in high school, college, or university, 0=No, 1=Yes)
  6. Frequency


Possible Uses:  Interaction terms, 2 Proportion Test


References: Stats 310 Project, Spring 2007