Name: Sports and Age Data


Abstract: This dataset looks at two questions given to 286 participants.The two questions looked at what the participantís primary sport is and at what age the participant started practicing the sport.


Variables (column):

  1. Primary Sport-What do you consider your primary sport? (1=Baseball, 2=Basketball, 3=Cheerleading, 4=Cross Country, 5=Field Hockey, 6=Football 7=Golf, 8=Ice Hockey, 9=Lacrosse, 10=Soccer, 11=Softball, 12=Swimming, 13=Tennis, 14=Track, 15=Volleyball, 16=Wrestling, 17=Other)
  2. Age-How old were you when you went to your first organized/structured sports practice/game? (years)


Possible Uses: ANOVA


References: Professor Scott VanderStoep