Name: Tape Stickiness


Abstract: This experiment was conducted by a group in a Stats 310 class in the spring of 2007. They tested the stickiness of five different types of tape: duct, electrical, packing, scotch, and masking. To do this, they performed two types of tests: a peel test and a shear test. They added weight to the piece of tape until it came unstuck and recorded how much mass was required to unstick the tape in the two different tests.


Variables (column):

  1. Type (1=Duct, 2=Electrical, 3=Masking, 4=Packing, 5=Scotch)
  2. ShearResults (kilograms)
  3. PeelResults (grams)


Possible Uses: ANOVA, Tukey Post-hoc, Bar Graphs


References: Stats 310 Project, Spring 2007