Name: Team Image Behavior Data


Abstract:  The pressure to be thin and perceived as feminine has the potential to create anxiety in female athletes about their appearance.  This anxiety in turn could contribute to athletes engaging in dietary and exercise behaviors that may be unhealthy and detrimental to their athletic performance. It was therefore the purpose of this study to gain a better understanding of the factors, or combination of factors, that lead to risky eating and exercise behavior in female athletes.

The sample for this study was female college students between the ages of 18-23 who participated in intercollegiate team sports at National Collegiate Athletic Association Division III institutions in the Midwest.  The head coaches were contacted via e-mail asking them to have their teams complete an Internet questionnaire.  The coaches were asked to distribute an e-mail to the athletes on their team explaining the survey and its purposes.  Data collection used a web-based host site where respondents used an Internet link to obtain a copy of the survey.  Once a respondent decided to participate, she completed and submitted the survey electronically.


Variables (column): See the PASW “Variable View” for a complete list of values and labels.


Possible Uses: Binary Logistic Regression


References: Professor Leigh Sears