Name: Tire Complaints Data


Abstract: This dataset looks at the complaints received by the National Highway Safety Administration on tire failure in July 2000.


Variables (column):

  1. State
  2. Complaint Data
  3. Injuries (number of)
  4. Fatalities (number of)
  5. Tire Model
  6. Tire Size
  7. Original Equipment Manufacturer (0=No, 1=Yes)
  8. Vehicle Miles (at time of accident)
  9. Vehicle Manufacturer (1=Mazda, 2=Ford, 3=GMC, 4=Jeep, 5=Toyota, 6=Chevrolet)
  10. Vehicle Model
  11. Vehicle Year
  12. Failure Data
  13. Blowout (0=No, 1=Yes)
  14. Tread Separation (0=No, 1=Yes)
  15. Rollover (0=No, 1=Yes)
  16. Crash (0=No, 1=Yes)
  17. Driver Front Tire Failed (0=No, 1=Yes)
  18. Driver Rear Tire Failed (0=No, 1=Yes)
  19. Passenger Front Tire Failed (0=No, 1=Yes)
  20. Passenger Rear Tire Failed (0=No, 1=Yes)
  21. Number of Tires Failed (in incident)

Possible Uses: General Linear Model, Chi Square


References: NHSA