Name: Types of Test vs Recall


Abstract: This dataset came from an experiment done in a Stats 310 class in the spring of 2007. They conducted an experiment to determine if the type of a test (multiple choice or free answer) could be associated with performance on that test. To do this, they put together a quiz with current political questions and current cultural questions. They made two versions of this quiz one with and one without multiple choice answers. They gave this quiz to participants and also asked for a few demographics. A total of 176 participants took the quiz, 97 males and 79 females. Of these participants, 87 took the free response quiz and 89 took the multiple choice.


Variables (column):

  1. Type of Test (1=Multiple Choice, 2=Free Response)
  2. Number Correct (out of 10)
  3. Gender (0=Female, 1=Male)
  4. Race (1=White, none of the other values were given)
  5. Class (1=Freshmen, 2=Sophomore, 3=Junior, 4=Senior, 5=Other)
  6. Party Affiliation (1=Republican, 2=Democrat, 3=Other)


Possible Uses: Chi-squared, Interaction Terms, General Linear Model


References: Stats 310 Project, Spring 2007