Name: Utility Data


Abstract: This dataset looks at the monthly household utility usage from September 1990-February 2002.


Variables (column):

  1. Months (September 1990-Februrary 2002)
  2. Day (in the month)
  3. Mean Temperature (in Boston for that month)
  4. Mean Gas (consumed)
  5. Therms (total consumed)
  6. Billing Gas Days (in month)
  7. Kilowatt Hours (electricity consumed)
  8. Mean Kilowatt Hours (per day consumed)
  9. Billing Electric Days (in month)
  10. Heating Degree Days (in month)
  11. Cooling Degree Days (in month)
  12. New Room Added (0=prior to new room, 1=after new room was added)
  13. New Meter Installed (0=Old Meter, 1=New Meter)
  14. Replace and Add-replace furnace and add air conditioning (0=Old, 1=Replace and Add)


Possible Uses: Multiple Regression, Correlation


References: Minitab 14 by Robert H. Carver