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Darin Stephenson

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I am a Professor of Mathematics at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. I live in Holland with my wife, Michelle and sons Ryan (21) and Jared (17). In Spring 2018, Ryan is a junior at Hope College, while Jared is a junior at Zeeland West High School.


  • Games of all sorts -- I generally prefer modern German-style games, but I enjoy lots of other things as well. Some of my current favorites are:

  • Photography -- See some of my photos.

  • Music -- Singing, writing, and playing keyboards. I play keyboard in the band at the church I attend, Harvest Bible Chapel--West Olive. I've written several songs in the last few years. I'm in the process of recording them into a (very amateur) CD project in my basement. I do some sequencing and music-related computer programming.

    Here is my current basement setup, including a Yahama digital piano, a Roland RS-50 synth, a small mixer, and a laptop PC that I use for MIDI sequencing:

  • Watching TV
    • Dexter
    • Fringe
    • Lost
    • Farscape
    • Babylon 5
    • Mystery Science Theater 3000
    • Flight of the Conchords
    • Arrested Development
    • The Prisoner
    • The X-Files
    • Freaks and Geeks
    • Dr. Who
    • Cincinnati Reds Baseball
    • University of Kentucky Basketball

  • Hiking

  • Biking

  • Baseball statistics and simulation