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Some Maple materials are available here. Maple is incorporated into several of my papers as well as in the Escher materials. Also, Maple was used to draw the cover image for the 8th edition of Probability and Statistical Inference. (Check it out!)

The laboratory manual that I wrote with Zaven Karian, Probability and Statistics: Explorations with MAPLE, is available as a PDF file from Pearson Prentice-Hall. (Or get it here.)

The laboratory manual uses procedures that were written as a supplement for MAPLE by Zaven Karian. They can be found on the CD-ROM that is packaged with the 8th edition of Probability and Statistical Inference. They are also available here.

Some examples and the MAPLE supplement procedures are stored in Maple Examples as To use these, create a new folder named Hogg-Tanis-CD on your C drive. Load ( into this folder as a folder named Maple Examples. Also load into C:Hogg-Tanis-CD the folder data.txt. (Data) This folder holds all of the data sets in the laboratory manual in a Maple format.